The Start of a Rewarding Journey

Susan with children Victoria and Mark
Susan with 3 year-old Victoria and 3 month-old Mark

Just weeks into her experience as a milk donor, Susan is thrilled by the prospect of helping fragile babies. “I feel incredibly blessed to have an abundance of milk and really feel obligated to share with those in need,” she said.


After realizing she had more milk than her son Mark needed, she did a Google search about breastmilk donation and found Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas. She went through the donor screening process and recently dropped off her first donation at her local depot, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. It was just the first of many trips she expects to make monthly.


Milk donation is not the only way Susan is planning to get involved at the milk bank. She is a home-based LuLaRoe clothing retailer, and each year she donates a portion of her sales to a cause she selects. This year, she’s chosen MMBNT.


Susan with her first breastmilk donation
Susan with her first donation

“This is the most rewarding project I’ve done and I can’t wait to see what happens this year,” Susan said.


It’s an exciting time for Susan, and she’s developed a few tricks to help her along the way. She pumps and nurses at the same time, with Mark on one side and the pump on the other. It saves her time, and helps her feel less overwhelmed. She also encourages expecting moms to find a lactation consultant before their baby arrives so any breastfeeding problems that arise can be handled immediately.


Of course, support from family is also important to Susan. Her sister-in-law, Kim, has been a huge part of her experience, and she’s grateful for her help. The support she’s received has allowed her to give back to others in a way that is meaningful to her.


"I love babies and have great respect for motherhood," Susan said. "Being able to support other mothers by donating milk to babies who are in need is an absolute honor."


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