MMBNT's Littlest Team Member

Courtney holds Liliana while working at her desk
Courtney gets some help with a project from Liliana.

Courtney has held her position as a program assistant at Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas for more than a year, but four months ago she stepped into a new role: mom. Returning to work after giving birth is not easy, but Courtney’s transition has been a little smoother because of MMBNT’s policy regarding babies at work. That’s right – Courtney’s daughter Liliana is an office baby.


At MMBNT, employees can bring their babies to work with them until they are 6 months old. This allows moms to get extra bonding time with their children, and helps them ease back into their jobs. For Courtney, it has been a perfect setup.


"I enjoy being able to get the extra bonding time with her," she said. "I get to be there if she starts crying to help soothe her, and I don't have to miss her."


Leslie holds Liliana while at her desk
Our accountant, Leslie, enjoys time with Liliana.

Courtney is not the only one who enjoys this program. The MMBNT staff love babies, so everyone gets some much-needed “baby time” each day. Courtney appreciates this, because her job requires her to be up and moving for most of the day. When Liliana is tired of baby-wearing with Courtney, she has plenty of mom’s coworkers who are ready to hold her, play with her, or rock her to sleep.


Spending extra time with her baby has given Courtney, a first time mom, peace of mind and confidence in Liliana’s development. “She gets to work on her social skills with people she sees every day, and I feel much more comfortable starting daycare at 6 months old than at 6 weeks old,” she said.


“Being able to have Liliana here at work with me has been the best experience,” she said. “She brightens my day.”


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