Depots: Making Donation Easier

Depots: Making Donation Easier

Wednesday, 2/7/2018

There are several ways donors transport their milk to Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, but dropping off at depots is arguably the most popular. Depots make it possible for mothers to be a part of MMBNT’s mission, even if they don’t live near our location in Fort Worth.

Depots are donation drop-off sites in the community that are staffed and equipped to safely store mothers’ breastmilk donations until the milk can be transported to MMBNT for processing and dispensation. Located in hospitals and WIC clinics, they provide convenience for busy moms close to home. Each depot is equipped with a freezer, and employees work with MMBNT staff to maintain these freezers, provide educational materials to mothers and arrange transport of milk donations.

In total, there are 43 depots. Many of these are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing options for milk donors who are in the Metroplex but still aren’t within reasonable driving distance of MMBNT. The remaining depots are either located in other areas of Texas, such as the Panhandle and East Texas, or in states that don’t have their own milk banks, like Arkansas and Georgia.

Milk from nearby depots is transported to MMBNT by courier. For those located further away, milk bank staff send overnight shipping materials to the depot. Depot staff can then safely package their donations to arrive at MMBNT the next day. Regardless of its delivery method, all milk stays frozen during transit and goes into a monitored freezer as soon as it arrives at MMBNT.

With the help of depots and their dedicated staff, MMBNT can connect with more mothers who want to help save the lives of fragile and premature infants.

Visit our website here to see a list of depot locations.

Two nurses standing with coolers full of donated breastmilk from their depot
Nurses from Texas Health Huguley, a depot in Burleson.
Freezer filled with bags of frozen breastmilk
A full depot freezer at the Green Oaks WIC Clinic in Arlington.