MMBNT in the News

MMBNT in the News

Tuesday, 2/20/2018

Spreading the word about milk banking is essential to reaching mothers with extra breastmilk and educating the community about donor human milk. What better way to grab their attention than to be featured on the local news?

Lately, that’s exactly what Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas has been doing. Several news stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have brought their cameras to MMBNT and shared our mission of serving premature and critically ill infants.

In November, Cynthia Izaguirre from WFAA Channel 8 filmed a story called “The Truth Behind Donated Breastmilk.” As a mother of twins who were born prematurely, Cynthia had a personal connection to the story. She featured a milk donor, a recipient, a NICU nurse and our Executive Director Amy Vickers to educate her audience about milk banking. MMBNT was even featured during a live segment on WFAA’s Facebook page.

Our mission reached the Spanish-speaking community as well. In January, reporter Carlos Zapata visited MMBNT and filmed a segment for the local Spanish news station, Telemundo 39. A donor and a recipient also shared their personal stories for the piece, which aired in February.

The coverage doesn’t stop there. Fox 4’s Jenny Anchondo recently interviewed a milk donor and Community Relations Director Amy Trotter for an upcoming story on Good Day, the network’s morning show. A link to the story will be posted on the MMBNT Facebook page as soon as it airs.

Thanks to the help of enthusiastic and dedicated local reporters, MMBNT’s mission is reaching more people all across North Texas. To watch the WFAA Channel 8 story, click here. To watch the Telemundo 39 story, click here.

Cameraman filming reporter interviewing woman in lab
Cynthia Izaguirre interviews Amy Vickers in the pasteurization lab.
Reporter filming technicians pouring breastmilk into flasks in lab.
Carlos Zapata films lab technicians processing donor milk.