Milk Donors Tell All

Milk Donors Tell All

Wednesday, 3/28/2018

Life as a milk donor is always gratifying, but there’s something special about the beginning of the journey. Completing the approval process and packing your first donation is truly rewarding. After all, breastmilk is unique and miraculous, and every drop is precious.

Making this life-saving gift for the first time is unlike anything you have done before and you might have questions or would like to hear perspectives from fellow donors. While knowledgeable staff at Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas are a phone call away, there is also a whole community of former and current milk donors who are happy to share their insights with the newest members of the donor family. Below are some of the wonderful pieces of advice we gathered recently on our Facebook page.

Submissions may be edited for length and/or clarity.

“Label your bottles/bags before you pump. I also put my milk in a Ziploc baggie with my name, donor number, dates of collection, and total number of ounces in the bag before donating.

Being able to donate makes me so happy… I knew I wanted to become a donor with my son when I was pregnant with him. I was working as a nurse in the NICU and we used donor milk for our patients all the time. I have witnessed firsthand the amazing power of breastmilk and being able to donate to babies in need evokes the most incredible feeling.” - Camille M., repeat donor

“I’ve donated and really enjoy knowing I am helping so many babies in need. It’s really easy and quick to become a donor. You can either drop off breastmilk at a donation location or they can mail you the proper equipment to mail your breastmilk in. Every little bit helps in so many ways!” - Sara R.

“Donating is one of the best things I’ve ever been able to do. I feel like donating was my part in the success of those fragile babies. The milk bank van drove to me almost two hours away because I was too far from drop off locations and had too much to send in their freezer boxes. I was fortunate enough to later be able to visit the office and it was an amazing experience. It’s a goal of mine with any future babies. I would tell moms even if they think the minimum donation of 100 ounces is not worth your time, that just isn’t true. One ounce goes a long way!” - Mercedes G.

“Keep a log of your milk and stash it in chronological order in the freezer. Makes it super easy to pull from the back if you need to thaw out milk for bottles, and it’s nice to know how much you actually have. Also, don’t stress it. If your supply dips, just power pump. Don’t sweat it, or the stress will just deplete you more. I know it’s easier said than done, but you can do it!

P.S. - this isn’t easy, so don’t get discouraged. You’re a rock star!” - Kate H.

“I’ve donated now with both my boys. When the boys were about a month old, I would start pumping off one side during the night to stash. I only pumped one side in case they woke up and needed to nurse. I normally got about 4 ounces. I would do this every night for months. It was an easy way to make a huge freezer stash!” - Lyn F., repeat donor

“Find your tribe and love them hard; it takes a VILLAGE of awesome people to be successful… in all things!” - Nicole H.

“I’ve been on both sides - a donor with my first and a recipient with my second baby. If you’re on the fence about donating - please donate! It was so helpful to have this donor milk with my second until my milk came in. My second spent a ton of time under phototherapy lights so we didn’t get as much skin to skin time in her first few days. The donor milk was so helpful and appreciated.” - Lisa T., donor and recipient

“Drink lots of water and pump on a consistent schedule.” - Alyse O.

“The donor start up process was very easy to follow. The milk depots are so convenient also. I live 2 hours from the actual milk bank location but I drop off at my local depot 15 minutes from my job. Don’t hesitate to ask the milk bank staff for anything. They have always been so helpful when I’ve needed anything!” - Karah C.

To contact a donor coordinator, call 817-810-0071. To see all of the available milk drop off locations, click here.

Woman holding baby, crouching next to cooler of breastmilk
Donor Brittany and baby Cole at their local depot
Baby sitting next to cooler of frozen breastmilk
Monica's son with their freezer stash
Woman holding bag of frozen breastmilk
Donor Sara dropping a donation off at MMBNT