The Milk Bank's Growing Family

The Milk Bank's Growing Family

Thursday, 11/15/2018

At Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, we are thrilled to welcome several new smiling faces to our staff. In the past few weeks, we’ve added three new members of the milk bank family. Our bigger workforce will help us to continue growing and keep up with the demand for donor milk.

Let’s say hello to our new employees!

Amanda is an IBCLC with experience in outpatient consultation. Originally from Alabama, Amanda has called the Dallas-Fort Worth area home for several years. In her new role at MMBNT, she will provide lactation support and help develop education programs to benefit donors, recipients and the community.

Judy recently joined the lab as a pasteurization technician. She previously worked for a medical equipment company. When asked what drew her to MMBNT, Judy says, “I wanted to learn something new and help babies!”

Pamela is a new pasteurization technician as well. She is a certified nurse aide who loves science and plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing in the future. “Working in a lab helping save babies’ lives is a dream job,” she said.

We are excited to have these three wonderful new staff members join our team.

Woman sitting at desk
Two women working in breastmilk lab
Judy (left) and Pamela (right)