2018 In Review

2018 In Review

Wednesday, 1/9/2019

When we look back on 2018, we remember all the wonderful events and accomplishments that Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas experienced in the last 12 months. Thanks to 908 generous milk donors, MMBNT dispensed a record-breaking 612,747 ounces of donor milk. This milk served both hospitalized and outpatient infants in North Texas and other areas, including the Panhandle, West Texas, East Texas, Arkansas and beyond.

MMBNT started the year arranging interviews and working with local journalists for a news story. The milk bank had its moment in the spotlight twice last year on local news station FOX 4, once in February and once in October. These stories featured selfless donors and incredible outpatients who shared their journeys and shed light on the importance of milk donation.

In the spring, several members of the staff traveled to Denver for the HMBANA International Congress on Donor Human Milk Banking. This two-day event brought together milk bank staff, human milk researchers, health professionals and more. Our staff learned about new and developing research and the state of milk banking around the world, and brought back new ideas to Fort Worth.

August 1-7 marked World Breastfeeding Week, and MMBNT participated in the annual Tarrant County Family Expo and Big Latch On to mark the occasion. In September, we celebrated the milk bank’s 14th anniversary at our annual luncheon, Milk Banking at Home and Around the World. Our guests enjoyed a presentation about international milk banks from Kimberly Mansen of PATH, a global health organization.

For the third year, MMBNT furnished a mothers’ room at Christmas in Cowtown, an annual gift market held in October and organized by the Junior League of Fort Worth. Many mothers attend the market each year, and the private space to nurse, pump or just have some quiet time is greatly appreciated.

Finally, there has been immense progress on More Room for More Miracles: The Campaign for Healthy Babies. Construction at the new building is nearly complete, and the campaign itself is almost 100 percent funded thanks to many generous gifts from individuals and organizations in 2018.

We are thankful for another year of growth and serving our community, and look forward to what’s to come in 2019.

Journalist interviewing mother holding baby while cameraman films
FOX 4's Clarice Tinsley interviews a milk donor.
Group of women at a conference
MMBNT staff at the HMBANA International Congress
Three women
Executive Director Amy Vickers, speaker Kimberly Mansen, and Board President Ashley Robbins Gonzales at the 14th anniversary luncheon