All About the Amy E. Shewbart Foundation

All About the Amy E. Shewbart Foundation

Wednesday, 5/29/2019

Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas receives support from many generous benefactors. One of those constant champions is the Amy E. Shewbart Foundation. MMBNT’s mission is near and dear to the foundation’s volunteers, who operate it in memory of their daughter and friend, Amy, who was passionate about infant and child health.

Amy Elizabeth Walker Shewbart was a registered nurse and loved being a mom to her infant son, Zachary. She breastfed Zachary and produced more milk than he needed, so she became one of MMBNT’s first milk donors. She donated breastmilk before many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area even knew it was an option.

Amy passed away suddenly from an undetected heart defect one morning in 2005. She was just 30 years old. Upon hearing of Amy’s death, MMBNT staff returned Amy’s milk to her husband, Jason, and nine month-old Zachary. Her loving spirit lived on through her milk, which continued to nourish her son even after she passed.

Her family was devastated and wanted to honor Amy’s passion to help others. They created the Amy E. Shewbart Foundation in 2008 to do just that. The foundation’s mission is, “Bringing health, healing and happiness to infants and children.” It’s a perfect way to honor someone like Amy, who always wanted to serve her community.

“She was a gregarious woman who loved life and had an impact on everyone she met,” her mother, Linda Pugh, says.

The foundation supports MMBNT annually as a luncheon table sponsor and through other special projects. One example is generous funding toward the purchase of MMBNT’s current delivery van, which travels all across the northern half of Texas picking up milk donations and dropping off orders to hospitals.

The foundation also makes an annual donation to Cook Children’s Child Life Zone and has sponsored Cancer Care Services’ Celebration of Curing Cancer.

Its biggest fundraiser of the year is the Beach Bash and BBQ for Moms and Babies, which takes place every fall. This big, backyard barbecue takes place at UNT Health Science Center and features delicious food from BBQ on the Brazos, live music, auctions, casino games, a car show and a raffle for a Caribbean cruise. It’s a fun way to honor Amy and keep her spirit alive through celebration and raising money for important causes. This year’s event will be from 6 pm to 10 pm Saturday, October 5.

MMBNT is honored to receive support from the Amy E. Shewbart Foundation and to bear Amy’s name on the side of our delivery van. Her legacy has benefited countless babies in our community and will continue to help others for years to come.

Amy Shewbart headshot
Amy Shewbart
Minivan with pink detailing and MMBNT logo on the driver door