Lauren's Donor Story

Lauren's Donor Story

Wednesday, 6/5/2019

When daughter Annabelle was born, Lauren knew she wanted to donate breastmilk. She was producing more milk than Annabelle needed, which was nothing new for Lauren. She’d overproduced with her first child, her son Tripp, as well, but didn’t know about milk donation back then. This time around, Lauren wanted her extra breastmilk to help others, and Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas provided the perfect opportunity.

“It means so much to be able to help other children,” Lauren said. “I wasn’t the super star athlete or the academic star, so it feels good to be an overachiever at something so special in life!”

Lauren learned about MMBNT through her friend, Sarah Wetzler, who serves on MMBNT’s board of directors. In the seven months that she’s been a donor, Lauren has donated 400 ounces to help fragile babies.

Living just around the corner from the milk bank, Lauren can easily drop off her milk directly at our new facility in southwest Fort Worth. It gives her a chance to see milk banking in action, from receiving a donation, to processing in the lab, to sending orders out the door.

Lauren shares much of her motherhood journey on her blog, Gabbing Ginger. One bit of breastfeeding advice she wants to share with fellow moms is simple: be kind to yourself. “If you are unsure of something, talk with a lactation consultant,” she says. “Give yourself grace and lots of positive self-talk!”

Milk donors like Lauren help us provide liquid gold to fragile babies every day, and for that the staff at MMBNT is extremely grateful. For more information about how you can help make miracles and become a milk donor, visit our website here.

Mother laying next to baby on a white sheet
Lauren and Annabelle