Long-Distance Milk Donation: How it Works

Long-Distance Milk Donation: How it Works

Wednesday, 6/12/2019

Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas has a reach far beyond the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. From the Panhandle to East Texas, and even in other states such as Arkansas and Georgia, fragile babies receive liquid gold that’s been generously donated by milk donors and processed at MMBNT.

Many milk donors live in the DFW area and can deliver their milk directly to MMBNT or drop it off at a collection site, better known as a depot. Depots are often located in hospitals and WIC clinics and are found throughout the Metroplex and our other service areas. Still, there are moms who have milk to donate and don’t live in one of these spots. Donation is still possible for these generous women - they can become long-distance donors.

MMBNT provides overnight shipping materials for these donors. This includes an insulated shipping cooler, ice packs, and the appropriate labels for an overnight, perishable shipment. Donors also receive detailed instructions and are encouraged to contact our donor coordinators whenever they have questions or need more information about something.

It makes our day when these donors send us pictures of their packed-up milk, ready to make the long trip to Fort Worth. We are so thankful for these moms, and for all the donors who selflessly provide their extra breastmilk for babies in need. If you would like to become a milk donor, visit our website here.

Young girl, toddler girl, and baby boy sit around a box
Monica's children help her pack a box of milk to donate.