Milk That Makes a Difference

Milk That Makes a Difference

April 7, 2021

Moulee is on a mission to help other mothers. She explains, “I am passionate about motherhood and breastfeeding. There is still not enough priority given to helping first-time moms learn everything that goes behind breastfeeding. And for those who are not able to produce milk, my heart breaks for them because it causes guilt they should not have to bear.”

As a milk donor for Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, Moulee got our attention when she recently shared the process of packing boxes of extra breastmilk on her Instagram stories. Because she lives in Houston, she packs the frozen milk bags in coolers with dry ice packs provided by the milk bank for overnight shipping to Fort Worth.

Upon arrival, the milk is thawed, pasteurized and dispensed to premature and medically needy infants. Because she has two daughters of her own, Moulee knows this milk also helps the mothers of those fragile babies.

Moulee struggled with her milk supply with her first baby but felt more prepared and confident with her second child, Meera. When her freezer filled up with milk, she started the donor approval process which she found surprisingly thorough. She says, “If I was a mother of a baby receiving donor milk, I would appreciate the milk bank’s diligence in ensuring the milk is safe and vetted.”

Now, after shipping 500 ounces, Moulee says, “Donating my milk was an easy decision. I worked very hard to collect it and having the opportunity to really help other moms and babies rarely happens!”


Family photo
Family photo courtesy Savvy Leigh Photography
Photo of Meera courtesy Savvy Leigh Photography
Moulee's milk
Moulee's Instagram post of her donated milk.