Nicole's Story


Donor Nicole shares, “Knowing that I can help families during their most vulnerable time gives me such a huge feeling of joy and purpose. I donate on behalf of many friends, coworkers and family members who have had children in the NICU; this is for them and their legacy.”

Nicole decided to become a donor when she realized she was producing more than her little one needed. She wanted to give back and found MMBNT; she read what amazing things the milk bank does for babies in need and after a quick screening and bloodwork she made her first donation to depot at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Plano.

Nicole donated a total of 966 oz throughout the second half of 2022. She shared inspired to continue donating after her initial donation to give back during the formula crisis: “at the end of the day FED is best and we are all in this together!”

Thank you to Nicole and her little one for sharing their extra breastmilk – it’s because of amazing people like you that we are able to ensure fragile babies across North Texas have access to life-saving.

Nicole with milk donation
Nicole with her milk donation
Nicole with son