Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding: MMBNT Staff Weighs In

Breastfeeding is different for every mom, including those who work at Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas. Many of our staff have breastfed in the past and each has her own unique story.

World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding benefits mothers and babies all over the world, no matter their location or financial situation.

Guest Feature: Surgeons Who Pump

Breastfeeding and pumping look different from mom to mom. While they are practices shared across the globe, each mom’s unique experiences combine to create her own story.

Breastmilk Travel Tips

If you’re traveling this holiday season, a breastfeeding routine can make those plans a bit more complicated. We’re here to help!

August is All About Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding has countless benefits for both mom and baby alike, there is still work to be done to raise awareness and promote it around the world.

What is an IBCLC?

While welcoming a new baby is an exciting time, navigating motherhood can be tricky. Having a strong support system can be key, and for many moms, that team includes a lactation consultant.

Making the Most of Your Milk Storage Space

A big part of a pumping mom’s routine is keeping up with her milk stash. And for many of these moms, having an organized system saves them time and makes milk easier to manage.

Happiness is a Clean Pump

Pumping is a selfless act, requiring precious time and dedication. One of the many important parts of the process is cleaning the breast pump.